House Rendering Cost 2022

Having your home rendered is an excellent way to waterproof walls and gives your home an instant face lift. Choosing  the right tradesmen and getting the best quotes can be daunting. We would recommend you get at least 3 quotes and as a price guide we would say you should be paying around £4,000 – £6,000 plus VAT for a typical 3 bedroom house in the Leeds area.

When choosing a quotation don’t just opt for the cheapest do some research on the company or trades men that would be carrying out the work, check if they are on any trust or review websites, read reviews on social media and Google reviews, also ask for other peoples opinion on those social media sites. Also check if they are accredited by any governing body.

Types Of Rendering Available

The type of render you choose will also affect the price quite considerably, and this step should be carefully researched so you get the best results for you money. Factors will include:- what material is the render being applied to, is the area very damp, dose the area get exposure to the elements, wind, rain, snow, sun?

1. Polymer & Acrylic

Acrylic Render.

Acrylic render contains acrylic aggregates and can come in many colours and texture finishes. The render is applied to new and existing render to form a substrate layer seal and greatly improve the exterior appearance of the property.

Acrylic Render is designed to prevent cracking by incorporating reinforcing fibres and offers a attractive, tough and durable finish.

Polymer Render.

Polymer render is a cement based render system with the addition of selected polymers, nylon and silicones that are added to the cement mix. This make the finish strong and flexible and can be applied to a number of substrates. Polymer rendering offers excellent weathering and waterproofing to your property and comes in a number of  colours, finishes and can also be pebble dashed.

2. Monocouch

This is a single layer render and comes pre-coloured to your choice of shade. The render only requires mixing with water. Once it’s mixed to a slurry, the render is applied by spray or trowel to a usually to a depth of about 15mm. This material benefits from reduced labour costs and provides a much more durable surface when compared with traditional cement render. 

3. Cement

Cement rendering is the traditional way to render homes, commercial and retail properties, the cost is significantly cheaper than the systems mentioned above but the labour cost can increase as it  usually involves two or three coats to be applied. Cement render can also suffer from cracking due to underlying structural movement and the elements and also require some maintenance.

How long will Rendering my property take?

A typical 3 bedroom home will usually take between 3 to 6 weeks to complete, but there are many factors that can affect final time scale like how many tradesmen are on the project, the type of render system that is to be used, weather conditions and potential snagging problems that may arise.